Let us create a memorable experience for your event!

Altered Combat is pleased to offer these great mobile entertainment packages!  Celebrating a birthday or bachelor party?  Just inform us about a guest of honor and they will get the V.I.P treatment. If you don't have space, just let us know and we will work with you to find a location.


Tactical Laser Tag



Upgrade your weapon to the BRM with removable mag and recoil for more realism!

$14.99 per upgrade (max 2)


Our most popular add-on lets you fling grenades across the field at your enemies!

$14.99 per grenade (max 4)

Phone Bracket

phone attachment.png

Attach your phone to one of our battle rifles and use it to record video of yourself as you play!

$9.99 per bracket (max 10)


Water Battle



Water Balloons

water balloons.jpg

Unleash more fun with these fast-filling, self-tying water balloons! No blowing or tying, fills in 60 seconds!

$7.99 per 35 water balloons

(water not included)

Nerf Wars



Guest of Honor

Nerf Shockwave.png

Give your guest of honor an upgrade with the Shockwave! This Elite 2.0 NERF blaster holds 16 rounds! $14.99 per Shockwave (max 2)