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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation requests made more than 14 days before the event date are eligible for a full refund. Refunds are processed using the payment method on file.

  • Cancellation requests made between 2 and 14 days before the event date will have a rain check issued.

  • Cancellation requests made within 48 hours of the event or a no-show by the customer are not eligible for a refund or a rain check. Please be sure to contact us in a timely manner.

  • Rain checks are issued for any required rescheduling and are valid for 365 days from the original event date.

  • Rain checks are not eligible for refunds.

Weather Policy

  • While Altered Combat will make every reasonable attempt to deliver an event, the safety of our customers, staff, and equipment is paramount.

  • Outdoor events require at least 5 hours of clear weather before the event.

  • Altered Combat will issue a rain check for any outdoor event that is forecasted to be or is affected by inclement weather (e.g., thunderstorms, heavy or prolonged rain, winds >12 mph, temperatures >90F, unsafe roads, or flooding).

Event Area Policy

  • The event area must be at least 2,500 square feet in size to ensure proper spacing of obstacles and freedom of player movement.

  • For outdoor events, the customer must ensure that the event area allows for staking. Stakes are used to secure obstacles against wind and player movement.

  • Inflatable obstacles cannot be set up on loose dirt, dust, or sand due to the high probability of damage to the obstacles. 

  • Altered Combat will issue a rain check for events that do not meet the above event area requirements. Additional travel surcharges may apply at the time of rain check use.

Parking Policy

  • At least 50 feet (approximately six parking spaces) must be reserved as close as possible to the event area for parking, unloading, and loading of the truck and trailer.

  • The parking space and path to the event area must be free of hazards, obstructions, and foot traffic.

  • Altered Combat reserves the right to refuse to pull onto the customer's property in order to avoid damage to the customer's property and/or Altered Combat equipment. 

  • If a parking permit is required, the customer will be responsible for arranging one.

  • Any delays caused by clearing space for the truck and trailer or parking far from the event area may delay our setup and start time. Despite any delays, the event will end at the scheduled time.

Waiver Policy

  • All laser tag players must have a completed waiver in our system. All minors participating must have a parent or guardian complete the waiver before participating in any activities.

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your laser tag event start time to allow sufficient check-in time and briefing.

  • Contact our staff at least 30 minutes prior to your laser tag event start time to complete any additional waivers and ensure an on-time start. Despite any delays, the event will end at the scheduled time.

Equipment Policy

  • If you break it or don't return it, you buy it.

  • Any additional charges will be processed automatically to the payment method on file.

Rental Agreement for Drop-off Experiences

  • Customers assume all liability and agree to hold harmless Altered Combat from and against injuries, damage, loss, costs, or expenses associated with rented equipment.

  • Customers can require guests to sign individual waivers to reduce the amount of assumed risk.

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