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Laser Tag Weapons

BATTLERIFLE  PRO - This state of the art laser tag gun is lightweight making it easy for players of all ages to carry around, has LED lights that indicate how much health you have and a button to easily reload your ammunition.  The battlerifle pro also comes with an LCD screen that tells you things like your player name, remaining game time, ammunition and which weapon you have equipped.

Mobile entertainment, laser tag gun, tagger

BRM METAL HYBRID - Modeled after the M4 rifle, the BRM comes with all the same great features as the Battlerifle pro and more!  It is constructed out of metal and plastic for a heavier and more realistic feel.  This weapon has a removable magazine in addition to all the dynamic features of the Battlerifle Pro.

Mobile entertainment, laser tag gun, tagger

GRENADES - Oh yea buddy!  We have laser tag GRENADES!  BoomShakaLaka!!!  Throwing a grenade is something that most of us will never get to do and Altered Combat has one of the only ways you will be able to experience the thrill of actually throwing a grenade!  These are literally game changers!

Mobile entertainment, laser tag gun, tagger, laser tag grenade

HEADBANDS - No more peeking around corners or over walls and sticking your head out while your censors stay nice and safe behind cover! Headbands indicate which team you're on and force you to be more cautious when sneaking around looking for enemies. 

Mobile entertainment, laser tag gun, tagger, laser tag headband
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