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Nerf Gun Fights in Buckeye, AZ

Don't just play with NERF, have a NERF War!


Don't want to have a bunch of NERF blasters in the house? No problem! Altered Combat will bring the NERF to right to your door and pick it up after your event is over!

Pull the priming slide back and pull the trigger to fire 1 dart 90 ft. Slam-fire all 6 darts rapidly by holding down the trigger and repeatedly moving the slide back and forth.

Check out our water gun battles and tactical laser tag activities in Buckeye, AZ, too! Contact us today to get started.


Combat Rules

  • Split players into 2 or more teams. Each should have their own starting base or respawn area.

  • Do not leave the base until the game starts. Leaving early gives players an unfair advantage.

  • Play honestly. If you get hit, that makes you dead or wounded. Make sure to play fair and fall down if you do get hit.

  • Players decide how many hits to take before being declared as “out”. In a typical Nerf war, players are only allowed 1 hit before they are out. Once a player is out, they must return to the base to respawn, or they can lay on the ground and wait until a teammate revives them by tapping on their body with their hand. A player’s ability to respawn or become revived by a teammate depends on the amount of lives they have. The amount of lives is typically established before the game.

  • Other rules can be established. Before the battle begins, your team and the enemy team can discuss a custom set of rules to put in place. If you want, you can allow players to use their own customized Nerf weapons, melee weapons, or more.

  • Hits to the head and torso count as kills. Hits in all other locations, such as the arms, legs, or side, count as injuries but not deaths.

  • If you die on your last life, you must leave the game. This means laying down your weapon and your bullets on the ground, and leaving the playing area as immediately as you can.

  • Teams can be uneven. Typically, the number of people on each team is equal; however, teams can be uneven due to skill. Most Nerf battlers like to balance teams based on ability and player skill rather than just sheer numbers.


By playing fairly, everyone can have a smooth Nerf war. It’s never fun being the one to get hit, but the deaths and lives system is what helps the teams determine who wins.

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