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Bunkers & Barriers

​​DELUXE INFLATABLE WALLS - After loads of research about the best possible bunkers to use for tactical laser tag, we chose SUP'AIRBALL because they are made from an extra dense durable fabric that blocks lasers.  What exactly does this mean for you?  This means that (unlike some video games) we made sure that nobody can shoot you through walls!  Our inflatables are stand ins for real lifelike obstructions that provide cover.

Deluxe Field

​​STANDARD POP-UP TENTS - They look cool and they go up quickly! Perfect for kids and anyone who has a limited amount of time, space, or just wants that cool camo look and feel for their game.  These are ideal for smaller places, like backyards and in a house. 


The standard package uses the pop up tents below which offer added cover and additional places to hide.

Speed Field
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