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The objective of Kill Streaks is to be the player with the most points before time expires. Friendly fire is enabled, so it is every person for themselves! You earn 1 point for each time you get a kill and lose 1 point when you get killed. You start with only a Melee weapon and you must find other weapons. Auto-Spawn is enabled and you will respawn after 15 seconds.


Just like Cobra Kai, Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy! Be aggressive! When you kill another player, you also take their weapon! No Mercy!

Scoring and Experience Points


Player with the most points wins. Each player gets 1 point for each kill and loses 1 point when they are killed.


100xp Each player on the winning team

5xp per Kill

2xp per Kill Assist

Kill Streaks

Kill streak bonuses automatically activate when the kill streak is accomplished.

3 Kills - Second Life

5 Kills - Body Armor

7 Kills - Air Strike

9 Kills - Power Weapon

15 Kills - Nuke

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