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Free-For-All - SNIPERS


The objective of FFA SNIPERS is to be the player with the most points when time expires! To earn points you must get kills, friendly fire is enabled, so it is every person for themselves!


The Kinetic Sniper takes 3 seconds to reload and you have to reload after every shot you take. Find good places on the battlefield that can provide protection while you reload.

Scoring and Experience Points


You earn 1 point per kill.


100xp Each player on the winning team

5xp per Kill

2xp per Kill Assist

Kill Streaks

Kill streak bonuses will automatically activate when the kill streak is accomplished:

3 Kills - Second Life

5 Kills - Body Armor

7 Kills - Air Strike

9 Kills - Power Weapon

15 Kills - Nuke

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