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To capture the opposing team's flag, locate their flag box and hold down the red activation button for 5 seconds (while staying alive). After you hear "flag captured," hurry and return it to your team's Base Box! To return the flag, hold down the Base Box's red activation button for 5 seconds and get 100 points! The first team to score 300 points or the team with the most points at the end of the game time wins!


Teamwork is key, plan who is going to capture the flag, who is attacking and who is defending. Remember that its not enough just to capture the other teams flag, you have to protect your own as well!

Scoring and Experience Points


The score to win is 300. Each flag that is successfully captured is worth 100 points and each kill is worth 1 point.


100xp Each player on the winning team

10xp per Capture

5xp per Kill

2xp per Kill Assist

Kill Streaks

Kill streak bonuses will automatically activate when the kill streak is accomplished:

3 Kills - UAV

5 Kills - Counter UAV

7 Kills - Power Weapon

9 Kills - Chopper

11 Kills - System Hack

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