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The objective of Single Flag is to capture and return as many flags as possible. The team with the most flags when time expires wins the game. To capture the flag, locate the box and hold down the red activation button for 5 seconds (while staying alive). After you hear "flag captured," hurry and return it to your team's Base Box by holding down the activation button for 5 seconds.


Working together as a team is key. Only 1 person can carry the flag at a time, therefore 1 player should be tasked with capturing the flag while the others protect that player at all costs!

Scoring and Experience Points


The score to win is 500. Each flag that is successfully captured is worth 100 points and each kill is worth 1 point.


100xp Each player on the winning team

10xp per Capture

5xp per Kill

2xp per Kill Assist

Kill Streaks

Kill streak bonuses will automatically activate when the kill streak is accomplished:

3 Kills - UAV

5 Kills - Counter UAV

7 Kills - Power Weapon

9 Kills - Chopper

11 Kills - System Hack

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