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If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday party or corporate event, Altered Combat has everything you need! We bring laser tag, water gun battles, and Nerf wars right to you! All you need to do is give us a call and we take care of the rest!

Located in Buckeye, AZ, and serving the greater Phoenix area, our tactical combat events are an activity that is fun for all ages!



Since 2021, Altered Combat has been delivering high-energy, mobile entertainment to parks, backyards, offices, and churches in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area! Your location will transform into an arena, and your guests will experience Tactical Laser Tag, Water Wars, or Nerf Wars like they never have before. All equipment is sanitized and delivered to you at your scheduled time!

If you want to find the most fun outdoor party rental games for your next event, Altered Combat has everything you need. We bring the laser guns, water guns, and Nerf wars gear right to your doorstep. 

We bring tactical combat fun to everyone in the Buckeye, AZ area and beyond. Here are just a few of the fun things to rent for an outdoor party that we can set up for you!


Our outdoor party rental games will allow you to cut loose and enjoy your next birthday party or team event in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Whether your event is large or small, we have many options to choose from and can plan a variety of activities to make sure your event is going to be an unforgettable experience.


Don’t get stuck with some in-the-box attempt at fun. Altered Combat thinks way outside the box to bring you the most exciting tactical experience in the Phoenix area. 

Our party rental packages are perfect for anyone looking to have a one-of-a-kind experience. We understand what goes into great game design and we put together an experience tailored to your needs so all you have to worry about is having a great time!


Work as a team to win missions with ever-changing objectives, from capture the flag to zombie infection.  With dozens of different missions, tactical laser tag is a completely immersive and unique experience for all ages.

Mobile entertainment laser tag birthday party, Phoenix Arizona


With Nerf Wars, you make the rules! Players can choose how to get eliminated, how to be revived or even the game objective. Play as a team or individually. How you play is up to you.

Mobile entertainment nerf war birthday party, Phoenix Arizona


Equip yourself with the world's most powerful and advanced motorized water gun! With a range of almost 50 ft, no one can escape without getting soaked!

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In addition to our 2 hour packages, we also offer large group packages for events with over 16 players. Whether you want to do an event for your church, sports team, charity, or fundraiser, we can run an event that is right for you.

Mobile entertainment laser tag, water battle, nerf war special event, Phoenix Arizona
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How does Mobile Entertainment work?

1. Plan

Book your next event either online or over the phone.

(623) 476-4906

Book Online

2. Delivery

Altered combat delivers the clean sanitized equipment. It is either dropped off or set up depending on the type of event.

3. Play

Enjoy hours of fun and excitement! For laser tag, our staff will run our most popular games that your guests will love!

4. Clean Up

Once the party is over, pack everything up for us to pickup, or for laser tag events, we do all the packing up for you!

Mobile entertainment, laser tag, water battle, nerf war, birthday party, Phoenix Arizona


Why Altered Combat is great for your event:

It's Easy

Online booking makes planning your event easy. We show up at the designated time and either drop off or start setting up.

It's Fun

All of our games are designed to get your guests running around and having fun together!

It's Memorable

Your guests will be talking about this for weeks later!

"Best birthday party ever!"

"Can we do that again?"

It's educational

Players of all ages will learn to work together, communicate and create strategies to achieve mission objectives.


“Best birthday party ever! This crew was amazing. So  professional, set up and clean up, very interactive and helpful with the kids. It was fun for the grown ups too. It was even
suggested to hire them again for a grown ups party! We may end up making this a tradition. Everyone had a blast!”

- Alexandra S.


Mobile entertainment, laser tag, water battle, nerf war, birthday party, Phoenix Arizona

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Altered Combat offers the best outdoor party rental games in the Buckeye, AZ area. We bring the outdoor party rental games to you. Let our team handle setting up the fun things to rent for an outdoor party while you focus on having the time of your life! Give us a call today to schedule your outdoor laser tag, water gun fights, or Nerf wars today!