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The objective of Kill Streaks is to get 50 points collectively as a team. You earn 1 point for your team each time you get a kill. If time ends before a team reaches 50 points, the team with the most points wins.


Do your best to stay alive between kills. The more kills you get before dying, the better kill streak bonuses you can use. Kill streaks will help you reach 50 kills faster!

Scoring and Experience Points


First team to 50 points wins. Each player gets 1 point for for their team for each kill a they get.


100xp Each player on the winning team

5xp per Kill

2xp per Kill Assist

Kill Streaks

Kill streak bonuses automatically activate when the kill streak is accomplished.

3 Kills - UAV

5 Kills - Mystery Box

6 Kills - Body Armor

7 Kills - Mortar Strike

8 Kills - Counter UAV

9 Kills - Air Strike

10 Kills - Power Weapon

12 Kills - Chopper

19 Kills - Nuke

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