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Tactical Laser Tag in Buckeye, AZ

Altered Combat laser tag brings you a tactical laser tag experience brought right to your door. You won’t have to drive in search of fun; our Buckeye, AZ-based laser tag experience packs up the gear and sets you up for a laser tag adventure. 

We offer more than just laser tag. We also offer Nerf wars and a water gun battle royale

Here’s why you should have a laser tag experience come to your door.

Next Level Laser Tag

Next level tactical laser tag brings laser tag right to your door. 

Altered Combat does more than just drop off some laser guns. We set up different missions, objectives, and custom experiences so that you have a thrilling time fighting for victory. 

We also offer Nerf wars! We set up a nerf battle arena right at your location so you can have unlimited tactical fun at a fraction of the cost. 

Our water fight game is more like a fully-fledged water gun battle royale. Your party will get geared up with the latest and coolest water guns and fight it out in one of our immersive-themed events

Laser Tag That Comes Right to Your Door

You don’t have to search for places to laser tag anymore. Now the laser tag comes to you! 

Our laser tag rental lets you schedule your laser tag mission and we’ll take care of the rest. Our experienced team of tactical laser tag experts will set up everything you need from laser guns that pack multiple persons in a single laser gun to everything you need for a custom mission. 

Don’t worry about traffic; just worry about winning your next laser tag mission!

Tactical Laser Tag

Ever wonder what it would be like to play a video game in real life?  We thought so.


Altered Combat offers a mobile tactical laser tag experience that will redefine what you once thought was just a game. Your yard or park will transform into a laser tag arena that will allow your guests to experience the thrill of a real life video game.


Work as a team to strategize and win ever-changing objectives, from capturing a flag and upgrading weapons to ultimate victory.  With dozens of different missions, weapons featuring thousands of sound effect options and custom designed fields catered to every skill level, tactical laser tag is a completely immersive and unique experience for all ages.  Don’t just play the game.  Live it!

Mobile entertainment laser tag
Girl playing altered combat laser tag in Phoenix Arizona

Altered Combat brings some of the most high-energy laser tag entertainment right to your door!  Players are kept engaged with different missions, each with their own distinctive objective!  While keeping each game fresh and unique, this awesome experience encourages all players to learn and try new strategies.  Get ready for nonstop enjoyment with a thrilling and unforgettable experience!

The Tactical Laser Tag Experience

Gun Modes

Switch between different gun modes on the field and fire different types of weapons.

Battle rifle, shot gun, frost sniper, rocket launcher, kinetic mini gun, tracking darts, flame thrower and more!

Kill Streaks

Eliminate several players in a row before you get killed and unlock secret kill streaks.

UAV, mortar strike, body armor, weapons crate, chopper, air strikes, nukes and more!


Dozens of missions that are great for players of any age or any skill level.

Capture the flag, infection, domination, king of the hill, elimination, death match, snipers and more!

Player Profiles

Create a profile with our app and earn medals and rewards as you play.

When you play you can gain experience, level up and earn rewards and upgrades just like a real video game.

Mobile entertainment laser tag

The Equipment


Guns are lightweight and come with red dot scopes, we also have grenades ;)

Utility Boxes

Boxes on the field that allow players to respawn, heal, capture flags and much more


Variety of walls and bunkers help create a unique gaming arena with lots of hiding spaces


No cumbersome and clunky vests; our comfortable light weight headbands fit any player

Get in Touch With Altered Combat Today

At Altered Combat in Buckeye, AZ, we offer Nerf wars in a Nerf battle arena, laser tag, and even a mobile water gun battle experience. With us, you don’t have to look for places to laser tag. We bring the laser tag right to your doorstep.


Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your laser tag today!

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